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    Wulian smart home company. Wulian entered into smart home industry in 2007 and chose ZigBee wireless technology. And the company is founded in 2009. Wulian is the biggest smart home products manufacturer in China. With over 300 R&D engineers including software (iOS & Android) and hardware engineers, Wulian supplies more than 300 IOT sensors & controllers and also has been recognized by a number of smart home partners. Wulian has over 1300 domestic distributors covering 300 cities and over 40 overseas distributors. In addition, Wulian joined the ZigBee Alliance Board of Directors as one of the 12 promoters, together with Philips, Legrands, Schneider on March, 2015.

    Wulian specializes in Smart Lighting System, Home Security System, CCTV, HVAC, Home Appliance Control, Window Blind System, Fire Alarm System, Smart Parking System, Smart Irrigation System. You can check the brochure attached.